Entrevista a Anaïs Biguine 04 diciembre 2014

Mandamos algunas preguntas a Anaïs Biguine, creadora de Jardins d’Écrivains, para así poder descubrir más cosas sobre su marca y sobre ella !!No te lo pierdas!!


L.T-Can you make a self-portrait illustration?

- I have 3 big sorrows in my life : I can’t play piano like Chopin, I can not write like André Gide, and I can’t draw like Cocteau ! So no, I won’t ridicule myself !

Anaïs Biguine de Jardins d’Écrivains.             

LT-When and how start your passion to the perfumery?

- I think that I always incubated this passion. When I was a child I was very attentive to detect the perfumes which where not much perceptible.  And one day, boom ! The brain wave !  But of course, this mode of expression is evident for me.

LT- How and why became the idea to make your own brand of perfumes?

- It is Mr Hugo who whispered me this idea. I was visiting his residence in Hauteville House in Guernesey, and I saw my daughters in his garden, which was so embalming… An obviousness was born.

 LT-Can you tell us a Smell That send you directly to your childhood?

- There are so many ! My mother perfume of course, but there is also the scent of the bottom of my schoolbag, I hated it !  The clementine in winter, warm sand in summer. The toys cupboard is like an olfactive library, it is inscribe in my memory

LT-Why you decided to inspire in the world literature?

- Literature is a passion which is transmitted in my family.  Reading is like flying in the air, it is the best therapy for many things. I also have a passion for life places and gardens, so at the Victor hugo’s house, I gathered these passions to imagine some olfactive interpretations of literature.

LT- Can you tell us  five authors (writers ou by letter) are very significant for you?

- 5 ! ! ! Even 10 would have been very difficult ! I will answer with the feeling that I sacrify some authors who bring me a lot in my life. Stephan Zweig, André Gide, Edith Wharton, Alfred de Musset and Oscar Wilde.

LT – There are some author or literary movement That Will resist you, to create a perfume?

- I admire som writers to whom I have no olfactive interpretation. For example, I am not very inspired by the blackness but I am fascinated by lives full of meetings, travels, boldness…  So I gladly leave Nietzsch aside !

LT-What are your favorite raw materials, natural and synthetic, and why?

- I always answer this question in saying that materials are made to mix and tell us stories. I am not interested in monoflore perfumes, I like to create perfumes with surprising evolution which express several feelings at the same time.  Today we need natural materials for their vibrations and synthetics materials to go further in creation.

LT-And to finish, can you give us the recipe of your favorite cocktail?

- I love the Blue Lagoon ! This cocktail created by the Harry’s bar remind me Hemingway and his Finca Vigia in the Caribbean islands.

4 cl of Vodka

3 cl of blue Curaçao

2 cl of lemon juice

Or the Bellini, but only in Summer, to have some fresh peach. That is to die for, especially when you have the chance to drink it at the Harry’s bar of Venise.